Fast Track Immigration With Countries That Offer Best Start-up Visa Programs

Fast Track Immigration

Initiating a business is an exhilarating yet daunting journey for entrepreneurs. Selecting the ideal country for registration, launch, and operations is vital in this entrepreneurial adventure.  By employing an expert immigration consultancy, you can now fast-track your immigration to countries that offer the best start-up visa programs.

What is a Start-up visa?

A Start-up visa program is for those people who wish to migrate abroad and start their own businesses. By investing in an existing business or starting a new venture,  an applicant can acquire residency and securely bring his family. 

Nova Quinta is an expert immigration consultancy firm with years of experience in investment and start-up visas. It specialises in business and investment migration programs such as the U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program and the Canada Start-Up Visa Program. 

What are the benefits of the Start-up Visa Program?

  • It enables an immigrant entrepreneur to initiate an innovative company which will boost the economy through jobs. 
  • With the help of a residence visa, the investor can stay in the country and navigate the business environment successfully. 
  • It opens up avenues for interaction with other global business houses thus offering scope for growth. 
  • It offers better chances of bringing the family to the country.

Which countries offer a Start-Up Visa Program?

There are more than 40 countries that offer founder-friendly and  Residency  Start-up Vias through investments. Nova Quinta has successfully assisted relocation of several families from India to Canada, the USA, the UK, Greece and  Spain. Our accredited consultants employ their expertise, competence, and skills to provide our clients with comprehensive guidance. We offer an exhaustive assessment of your profile and guide you towards the most suitable immigration pathway.


  • Canada is one of the most coveted destinations for migrations from India.  India sent record-high immigrants to Canada in 2023 despite border closures, pandemic, and health restrictions, surpassing earlier numbers. The Canadian startup visa program is an attractive way of getting the Canadian Residency.
    Recently, the Canadian Government has optimistically increased its immigration intake from India.

    There are several advantages of taking the Canadian Startup Visa Program.

      • 75% success chances

      • Expedited processing time

      • Access to a supportive ecosystem of resources

      • Good networking opportunities 

      • Mentorship from some of the finalists in the business.

     As an Indian applicant, you need to – 

        • Have a qualifying business

        • Secure support from a designated organisation

        • Show language proficiency

        •  Meet financial requirements

      Nova Quinta offers the Best Immigration Consultation for this start-up program. It opens a clear pathway to permanent residency in Canada while also parallelly stimulating innovation and contribution to Canada’s economic prosperity

      Benefits of Canadian Residency through Start-up Visa are-

      •  It helps in getting a work permit quickly
      • It helps to start a Canadian business within no time 
      • Your family can get a permanent residency within no time 
      • Your spouse can also get a permanent residency and live with you
      • Minor children may attend Canadian schools for free
      • As a resident, you can have access to Canada’s Healthcare System 
      • No minimum net worth requirements but sufficient funds to start and sustain business 
      • No minimum investment requirements
      •  United States Of America

      The US EB-5 immigrant Investment Program is one of the fastest ways of getting a Green Card.  Under this program, the US government allocates a substantial number of visas for those individuals who make a profoundly qualified investment in the country such that it generates jobs for the US economy.
      The US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program reserves visas for those who invest in approved regional centres. These investments are made in commercial enterprises to promote economic growth.

      Benefits of the USA Residency through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program-

      • A highly sought-after destination for business and lifestyle opportunities
      • Access to prestigious schools and renowned Ivy League universities throughout the country
      • Efficient pathway to obtaining permanent resident status (green card)
      • Opportunity to include spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21
      • Simple application process with no mandatory business experience or language proficiency requirements
      • Flexible physical presence obligations
      • Potential eligibility for citizenship after residing legally for five years.

        To qualify, you need to –
      • A capital investment of $1,050,000 (or $800,000 in specified areas) must be made in a for-profit U.S. commercial entity
      • The investment should generate 10 full-time U.S. jobs for two years
      • Benefiting either a rural area, a high unemployment area, or an infrastructure project

        Nova Quinta offers the Best Immigration Consultation for this start-up program.  The US is a beautiful land of opportunities and with our guidance, living here could be a dream fulfilled!
      •  Greece

      If you are dreaming of becoming a resident of one of the EU countries, this is for you! The Greece Investment Visa, also known as the Golden Visa program, is an exciting opportunity for individuals who want to invest in Greece. This leads to them becoming residents of the country. Golden Visas issued by the EU Member States such as Greece are especially coveted owing to the possible conversion into citizenship and thus access to the EU.

      From 2014 to 2021, Greece issued a total of 9,610 Golden Visas to the main applicants. By 2022, the number of Greek Golden Visa permits granted to main applicants and their dependents reached 28,767. 

      Greek Golden Visa is a competitive Visa in the EU and is accompanied by the following benefits –

      • It offers a 5-year residency
      • The golden visa to Greece needs less investment as compared to other start-up visas
      • The visa may include your spouse, your parents, your spouse’s parents and any children who are between 21 to 24 years of age and can also become residents
      • Your family can enjoy Visa-free travel to Schengen countries
      • No need to live in Greece
      •  You can also apply for Greek citizenship 
      • After 7 years of residing, you can have access to help get an education

      Nova Quinta offers the Best Immigration Consultations and our team is available for a free consultation on the options that lay ahead for you.

      •  Spain

      Today, Spain is one of the ideal countries for starting a business.  This vibrant city hosts innovation, technology exchange, a beautiful environment and a talented workforce. One of the main attractions of the startup visa in Spain is that it does not require an investment. All you need to do is prove that the business project aligns with the overall economic interest of Spain.

      The benefits of a Spain Start-up Visa are

      • No upfront investment
      • You do not have to generate jobs immediately
      • You can start by yourself alone
      • You can renew the visa even if you still haven’t recruited any people
      • You can apply for your family, parents, spouse and children under 18

      For a complete list of requirements specific to your case, contact Nova Quinta, the best immigration consultant.