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The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is for investors and single applicants looking to obtain alternative citizenship and a second passport.

This program requires a financial commitment of at least USD 100,000 government donation, or USD 200,000 investment in real estate. Successful applicants are granted Dominica citizenship for life.


Dependents included

Spouse, Children up to 30 years old,Parents and grandparents, Siblings up to 25 years old, single and without children


No education or management experience required, No language requirement, No residency requirement and Fast physical processing times


Attractive tax regime; no capital gains or inheritance taxes


Citizenship for life, applicable for future generations and dual citizenship permitted

Settlement Status

Ability to live, work and settle in any other member of the CARICOM countries

Dominica Passport

Visa-free travel/entry to over 140 jurisdictions


 Provide a letter of application for economic citizenship addressed to the Minister responsible for Citizenship

Be over 18 years old

Have no criminal record

Provide all the required documents in English

Make a qualifying donation or investment

The application must be submitted through a government-authorized agent

Investment Options

Minimum contribution:

  • USD 100,000 for a single applicant
  • USD 150,000 for applicant accompanied by a spouse
  • USD 175,000 for applicant accompanied by up to three qualifying dependents (excluding siblings)
  • USD 25,000 or USD 50,000 per additional dependent – will vary based on the age and type of dependency

Purchase authorized real estate with a minimum value of USD 200,000, which must be held for at least three years

Additional fees apply, such as Due Diligence, Application, Processing fees and other Government fees

Why Dominica?

Dominica is a tropical island located in the lesser part of the Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean sea. Famous for its incredible nature, it has remained largely untouched by mass-tourism which is why life here is very tranquil.

The official language is English, but Dominican Creole and French are also spoken. One of the major advantages of living in Dominica is the low-cost of living – housing and local food are relatively cheap. As Dominica has a very low crime rate, living on the island is safe and filled with an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.


About Dominica


64,700 (2022)

Languages Spoken



Agriculture, Fishing, Manufacturing, Resources, Finance, Trade


Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$)

Passport Score

Visa Free travel to 86 countries and visa on arrival to 41 countries around the world.


The amounts reflected above are as per the most recent government laws.

The amounts and eligibility criteria may be subject to change without any prior notice

We encourage the user / viewer to be responsible for doing his / her own research before making a legal / financial decision.

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