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The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence-by-investment program that enables non-EU investors the rights to reside, work and study in Portugal in exchange for an investment of at least EUR 280,000.

This Portuguese program allows for successful applicants to qualify for either permanent residency or citizenship after 5 years.


Dependents included

Spouse or common law partner, Dependent children; and Parents

Member of the Schengen Area and the EU

Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area

Settement Status

Right to live, work and study in Portugal


No language, education or management requirements

Standards of Living

High standard of education and healthcare system

Portugal Passport

Pathways to obtaining Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Portugal after 5 years


 Be over 18 years of age and a Non-EU/EEA Citizen

Make a qualifying investment in Portugal using funds from abroad

Hold the investment for a minimum of 5 years

Have a clean criminal record

Have private health insurance

Not have entered or stayed illegally in Portugal

Obtain a tax identification number and open a bank account in Portugal

Must meet residency requirements in Portugal of an average of seven days a year

Investment Options

One of the following options:

  1. EUR 1.5 million minimum capital transfer into a Portuguese bank account or approved investments
  2. EUR 500,000 for the acquisition of investment fund or venture capital fund units committed to the capitalization of companies incorporated under the Portuguese law, with a maturity of at least five years and with at least 60% of the investment portfolio in companies with a registered office in the national territory
  3. EUR 500,000 for research activities of public or private entities that are part of the national scientific and technological system
    • EUR 400,000 in a low population density area*
  4. EUR 250,000 in support of artistic production or in the recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage
    • EUR 200,000 in a low population density area*

One of the following options:

  1. EUR 500,000 minimum real estate purchase (residential property is limited to designated interior areas)
    • EUR 400,000 in a low population density area*
  2. EUR 350,000 minimum real estate purchase for the refurbishment of residential properties older than 30 years or in an area of urban regeneration, including the cost of renovations (residential property is limited to designated interior areas)
    • EUR 280,000 in a low population density area*

*A low population density area is defined as less than 100 inhabitants per km² or with a GDP per capita below 75% of the national average.

One of the following options:

  1. Creation of a minimum of ten new jobs
    • Eight new jobs in a low population density area*
  2. EUR 500,000 for the incorporation or increase of the share capital of a company that is registered in Portugal, creating or maintaining a minimum of five permanent jobs for a period of three years

Why Portugal

Living in Portugal offers many advantages: a warm climate, the Atlantic ocean, mountains nearby, a low crime rate and a relatively low cost of living. Medicine and education are well developed here, and residents are offered tax exemptions.


About Portugal


10.31 Million* (2020)

Languages Spoken

Portugese, Spanish, English and French


Agriculture, Fishing, Manufacturing, Global Trade and Services


United States of America - USD

Passport Score

Visa-Free Travel to 115 countries and Visa-on-Arrival to 49 Countries


The amounts reflected above are as per the most recent government laws.

The amounts and eligibility criteria may be subject to change without any prior notice

We encourage the user / viewer to be responsible for doing his / her own research before making a legal / financial decision.

All passport scores included in the website are the most recent and are according to the best of our knowledge; and are subject to change.

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