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At Nova Quinta, we are interested in letting our clients diversify their investment portfolio. We work with a carefully curated list of asset owners, fund managers, and trustees, on which funds, asset classes, and countries to invest into as a part of the investment and asset allocation strategy and portfolio construction process. 

As a business owner, you know the value of good financial management, but that doesn’t mean you always have the time to spare. With so many other tasks and duties on your plate, it’s easy for your investments to fall lower on the priority list.

We concentrate on developing a deep understanding of your goals and offer customized services at each stage of our engagement to ensure that our people and processes complement your culture and values.

Real Estate

We seek to utilize our global expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investors in any environment, and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we invest. Our vast portfolio provides us with proprietary information across every major real estate asset class in virtually every major market around the world, allowing us to identify themes and invest capital with conviction.


We help great businesses and great people meet by bringing together businesses looking for investment and investors with the capital, contacts and knowledge to help them succeed. Our mission remains the same: Connecting the world to enable investors to back the great businesses of tomorrow. We’ve tried to never lose touch with our entrepreneurial roots and are always looking for the next problem to solve and diversify our investors’ portfolio.

Yield Funds

Nova Quinta’s approach to investing is focused on long-term growth of capital. We are patient, disciplined fund managers who believe that actively-managed funds are a prudent way to potentially generate meaningful returns over time. We do not adhere to benchmarks, but construct our portfolios based on our own extensive research into how and where we believe long-term growth is likely to occur. The core principle of this investment strategy is our top-down / bottom-up approach.

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