Why should an Indian get a second passport ?

Why should an Indian get a second passport ?

According to the Henley Passport Index, the Indian passport is the 84th most potent passport in the world. Many Indians are now considering getting a second passport because the Indian passport is not thought to be the most powerful passport.

Indians who want to travel and reside abroad can profit greatly from having a second passport. 

The Indian constitution does not have any provision regarding dual or multiple citizenships. So, an Indian can acquire a second passport of a chosen country but they are obligated to lose Indian citizenship

An Indian should think about obtaining a second passport for the following reasons:

1. Better Mobility: Indians who have a second passport may find it easier to visit nations that they might not otherwise be able to visit with an Indian passport. More opportunities to work and visit overseas may result from this, which is advantageous for those seeking to advance their careers or educational opportunities.

2. Enhanced Safety: Indian citizens traveling overseas may feel safer with a second passport. In an emergency situation or in the event that a passport is stolen or misplaced, it may offer an additional layer of security.

3. Greater Visa Options: For Indians wishing to go to specific nations, a second passport may offer better visa possibilities. Indians may have more opportunities now to travel abroad.

4. Financial Advantages: Indians may also profit financially from having a second passport. For instance, some nations provide tax breaks to citizens who possess multiple passports. This can help Indians who want to retire or make investments abroad save more money.

5. More Opportunities: Indians wishing to invest overseas or launch a business abroad may find that having a second passport opens up additional chances. Indians may have more opportunity to advance their commercial and financial interests as a result.


In general, Indians who want to travel and reside abroad can profit greatly from having a second passport. It may offer greater prospects, safety, flexibility with regard to visas, and financial gain. For these reasons, many Indians are now thinking about getting a second passport.