Immigration Cheat Code: Move to Canada for work without a sponsor

Immigration Cheat Code: Move to Canada for work without a sponsor

The country of Canada is an excellent place to go if you’re looking for employment overseas. Canada is a favorite destination for people looking to work and live in a welcoming and varied nation because of its liberal immigration policies and high standard of living. The procedure can be difficult, though, if you don’t have a sponsor to assist you in obtaining your work permit. Here are some pointers on how to relocate to Canada without a sponsor for employment.

A program called the Canada Startup Visa assists foreigners in coming to Canada to launch new ventures and apply for permanent residency. This visa is intended for individuals who have unique business concepts and the ability to establish profitable firms and generate employment in Canada. The advantages it provides are:

  • Access to the business and job market
  • Possibility of a quick immigration process leading to PR
  • Ability to move with spouse and children
  • Access to mentorship and local business networks

For more details visit our Canada Startup Visa Page.

This visa can help you move to Canada on your own to seek employment or business opportunities.


Canada has one of the highest employment rates in the world and a robust job market. The total unemployment rate was 5.5% in February 2020, down from 5.6% in January 2020, according to Statistics Canada.

There are work opportunities in a wide range of areas in Canada, including healthcare, technology, finance, education, manufacturing, and construction. Engineers, technology specialists, and healthcare personnel are among the specialized occupations in great demand.


While Quebec and Ontario are experiencing the slowest job growth, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are leading the way. The work market in the rest of Canada is more stable, though. The mining industry is rising in the western provinces, while the technology and healthcare industries are expanding the fastest in the east of the country.

The Canadian labor market is solid and steady overall. Canadians may anticipate a generally favorable work market because of the country’s strong economy and consistent job growth.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the procedure can be challenging and time-consuming. To make sure that you are following the proper stages and regulations, it is best to get the advice of an immigration lawyer or other experienced specialist. A big welcome to Canada and good luck!

How Does Nova Quinta Help?

An experienced investment migration firm can assist people interested in legally obtaining a second residency or passport in several ways. Firstly, they can help identify the best residency or citizenship by investment program for an individual and their family, based on their exact situation. When evaluating countries, there is more to be considered than just the program’s investment criteria. Can eligible real estate be resold under the program? How long does the investor need to maintain ownership of the property? Do approved real estate projects in the country offer freehold units for sale, or just shares in the development? Is financing permitted and available? Does the jurisdiction allow you to include adult children, siblings, or parents in your citizenship application? How many economic passports has the country issued in the last decade? Are processing fees discounted for applicants making a donation instead of buying real estate? Does the nation’s passport provide visa-free access to the countries you primarily wish to travel to? Are there any restrictions that could prevent you from applying to the program, such as the exclusion of citizens of certain countries, health or criminal history?

Once you have decided on the ideal program, an investment migration firm can represent you throughout the entire procurement process. Many investors retain a firm located outside of the jurisdiction in which they will be investing to ensure they are best protected throughout the process and most preferably a firm in their current country of citizenship. We can perform due diligence, complete necessary applications forms, and ensure you have all the correct supporting documentation required by the program. We can also negotiate with property developers, handle official government communication on your behalf, review necessary financial agreements before you sign them, and represent your best interests while working alongside a local agent in that country.

Wondering how we can help you obtain a second residency or citizenship through investment? Contact us today for a confidential consultation.